Tribeka Hex Brown Porcelain InstallTribeka Hex Brown Porcelain Install

Tribeka Hexagon – Porcelain F/W Tile

Mimicking the natural appearance of distressed wood, this porcelain floor and wall tile emulates rustic beauty with an abstract twist. This hexagon shaped tile transforms any space into a work of art through triangular patterns that when laid out, intertwine to create captivating designs reminiscent of art deco style.  This tile features a gentle relief texture, lending added warmth and natural realism to surfaces.

Colors available:  Brown & Grey.


Style: Industrial, Encaustic

Application: floor, wall, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: 3

Mohs: 6

Dcof: 0.42

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 8-5/8x9-7/8 Hexagon

Finish: Matte (Low Sheen)

Material: Porcelain



Brown Pattern a

Brown Pattern b



Grey pattern a

Grey pattern b