Triangle Rustique Glossy Blue 6x6 Ceramic Wall Tile installTriangle Rustique Glossy Blue 6x6 Ceramic Wall Tile install

Triangle Rustique – Glossy Ceramic Wall Tile

Geometry and simplicity blend together to create a subtle statement piece by alternating slate blue, brown, sage green or soft taupe with a white watercolor inspired tone that draws the eye and produces a unique visual experience. With slight undulation and a smooth glossy finish, this ceramic tile offers a handmade appearance through subtle imperfections that make it look like each tile was handcrafted. This trendsetting display of geometric pattern is visually appealing and versatile, and can be laid out in various different patterns to create a one-of-a-kind installation. Intended for interior wall use, it is an ideal choice for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers and fireplace facades. It is great as a cohesive look or paired with other colors within the collection.

Colors available: Blue, Brown, Sage & Taupe.


Style: Industrial

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: 8

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 6x6

Finish: Glossy

Material: Ceramic


Blue Chevron Diamond Pattern

Blue Chevron Pattern

Blue Diamond Pattern

Blue Linear Pattern

Blue Triangle Pattern

Blue Triangle Pattern


Brown Chevron Pattern

Brown Linear Pattern


Sage Diamond Pattern


Taupe "V" Angled Linear Pattern