Stella – Porcelain F/W Tile

Feelings of Old World Elegance are found with muted tones and a unique star pattern.

Colors available: Azul, Day, Nero & Night.  Hexagon – Azul, Day, Mist, Nero, Night & Silver.  Cassis – Black, Black Night, Blue & Blue Day.


Style: Encaustic

Application: wall, floor, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: 3

Mohs: 6 (Cassis-7)

Dcof: >0.42

V-Rating: V-2 to V-3

Sizes: 9-3/4x9-3/4, Hexagon 8-5/8x9-7/8

Finish: Matte | Cassis - Mixed Finish

Material: Porcelain


Azul Hex

Azul Hex panel

Azul Design 1

Azul Design 2

Cassis Stella Black

Cassis Stella Black & Black Night panel

Cassis Stella Black Night

Cassis Stella Black Night panel

Cassis Stella Black panel

Cassis Stella Blue

Cassis Stella Blue & Blue Day panel

Cassis Stella Blue Day

Cassis Stella Blue Day panel

Cassis Stella Blue panel


Day Hex

Day Hex panel

Day Design 1

Day Design 2

Mist Hex

Mist Hex panel


Nero Hex

Nero Hex panel

Nero Design 1

Nero Design 2


Night Hex

Night Hex panel

Night Design

Silver Hex

Silver Hex panel