Silver Ash – Travertine

The undeniable beauty of natural stones is evident in Silver Ash travertine. Multi color variations of ivory, cream & greys make it the perfect choice for homes ranging from the mountains to the ocean.


Style: Stone Look

Application: wall, floor, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-4

Sizes: 3x6, 4x4 Tumbled. 12x12, 12x24, 18x18 Honed Crosscut. 3x9, 6x24, 12x24 Honed Veincut. 8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24 Chiseled and Brushed. 2x2, 2x4, Basketweave, Random Strip, Roman Random Mosaics.

Finish: Matte

Material: Natural Stone

Chiseled & Brushed 16x16

Chiseled & Brushed 16x24

Chiseled & Brushed 8x16

Chiseled & Brushed 8x8

Honed 12x12

Honed 12x24

Honed 18x18

Honed 2x4 Mosaic

Honed 3x6

Honed Basketweave Mosaic

Honed Chair Rail 2x12

Honed Cubics 6x24 Panel

Honed Pencil 5/8x12

Honed Random Strip Mosaic

Honed Variation

SplitFace 6x24

Splitface Panel

Tumbled 2x2 Mosaic

Tumbled 2x2 Mosaic

Tumbled 2x4 Mosaic

Tumbled 3x6

Tumbled 4x4

Tumbled Random Mosaic

Tumbled Roman Mosaics

Vein Cut Variation

Veincut 12x24

Veincut 2x2 Mosaic

Veincut 3x9

Veincut 6x24

Veincut Contempo Pencil 5/8x12

Veincut Random Strip Mosaic

Veincut Travertine Honed Cubics 6x24