Retrospectives 8x8 Royal Blues InstallRetrospectives 8x8 Royal Blues Install

Retrospectives – Ceramic Wall & Porcelain Floor Tile

Artistic and alluring on top; bold and playful on the bottom. This collection draws you in with its eccentric decors, while the wall tiles complement or stand-alone.  These classic wall tiles and decorative floor tiles create a statement piece in any room.

Colors available:  Floor – Covent Gardens, Notting Hill & Royal Blues.  Wall – Enchanted Mist, Notting Hill & Royal Gardens.


Style: Industrial

Application: Wall, Floor (8x8 only), Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior

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Pei: Floor 4 | Wall N/A

Mohs: Floor 7 | Wall N/A

Dcof: Floor >=0.42 | Wall N/A

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 8x8 Floor | 3x6 Wall, 1x6 Bullnose

Finish: Matte Floor | Glossy Wall

Material: Porcelain Floor | Ceramic Wall

Covent Gardens 8x8

Covent Gardens Panel

Enchanted Mist 3x6

Enchanted Mist Panel

Notting Hill 3x6

Notting Hill 3x6 Panel

Notting Hill 8x8

Notting Hill 8x8

Royal Blues 8x8

Royal Blues Panel

Royal Garden 3x6

Royal Garden Panel