Sloe 5x5 Residence Cosmopolitan InstallSloe 5x5 Residence Cosmopolitan Install

Residence Cosmopolitan – Ceramic Wall Tile

A collection of beautifully crafted, hand finished tiles.  A rustic clay base means that the tiles and mouldings have undulating surfaces and uneven edges, contributing towards a style that is undoubtedly at home in any space.


Style: Subway, Industrial

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-2 to V-3

Sizes: 3x12 Brick, 4x8 Brick, 2.5x5 Half Brick, 5x5, 1.5x5 Torus, 1x8 Ogee

Finish: Gloss

Material: Ceramic

Agapanthus 5x5

Agapanthus Bricks

Agapanthus Ogee

Agapanthus Torus

Amun 5x5

Amun Bricks

Amun Torus

Bastille 5x5

Bastille Bricks

Bastille Torus

Blackberry 5x5

Blackberry Torus

Chestnut 5x5

Chestnut Torus

China White 5x5

China White Bricks

China White Ogee

China White Torus

Flint 5x5

Flint Bricks

Flint Ogee

Flint Torus

Glen 5x5

Glen Torus

Lagoon 5x5

Lagoon Bricks

Lagoon Ogee

Lagoon Torus

Lapis 5x5

Lapis Bricks

Lapis Ogee

Lapis Torus

Marsh 5x5

Marsh Torus

Mere 5x5

Mere Bricks

Mere Ogee

Mere Torus

Mint 5x5

Mint Bricks

Mint Ogee

Mint Torus

Musk 5x5

Musk Bricks

Musk Torus

Palomino 5x5

Palomino Bricks

Palomino Ogee

Palomino Torus

Papyrus 5x5

Papyrus Bricks

Papyrus Ogee

Papyrus Torus

Pumice 5x5

Pumice Bricks

Pumice Ogee

Pumice Torus

Rioja 5x5

Rioja Bricks

Rioja Ogee

Rioja Torus

Sloe 5x5

Sloe Torus

Straw 5x5

Straw Bricks

Straw Torus

Tayberry 5x5

Tayberry Bricks

Tayberry Torus

Thebes 5x5

Thebes Bricks

Thebes Torus

Tourmaline 5x5

Tourmaline Bricks

Tourmaline Torus

Truffle 5x5

Truffle Torus