Residence Crackled Glazed Ceramic Sedge InstallResidence Crackled Glazed Ceramic Sedge Install

Residence Arcadian – Ceramic Wall Tile

Arcadian’s calling card is a gentle crackle effect that forms as the tiles are baked in the kilns, making every tile totally unique.  This collection contains a capsule palette of chalky colors that look great on the walls of just about any area of your home. Field tiles, half tiles, two brick shapes and a choice of two mouldings make this collection really versatile and effortlessly sophisticated.

Colors available:  Birch, Danube, Dune, Estuary, Lace, Linen, Mink, Moselle, Porcelain, Sedge, Teal & Tern.


Style: Industrial

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 2.5x5 Half-Tile, 3x12, 4x8, 5x5, Ogee Molding, Torus Molding

Finish: Crackle Glazed

Material: Ceramic

Birch 3x12

Birch 4x8

Birch 5x5

Birch Half Tile

Birch Ogee Molding

Birch Torus

Danube 3x12

Danube 4x8

Danube 5x5

Danube Half Tile

Danube Ogee Molding

Danube Torus

Dune 3x12

Dune 4x8

Dune 5x5

Dune Half Tile

Dune Ogee Molding

Dune Torus

Estuary 3x12

Estuary 4x8

Estuary 5x5

Estuary Half Tile

Estuary Ogee Molding

Estuary Torus

Lace 5x5

Lace Torus

Linen 5x5

Linen Torus

Mink 5x5

Mink Torus

Moselle 3x12

Moselle 4x8

Moselle 5x5

Moselle Half Tile

Moselle Ogee Molding

Moselle Torus

Porcelain 3x12

Porcelain 4x8

Porcelain 5x5

Porcelain Half Tile

Porcelain Ogee Molding

Porcelain Torus

Sedge 5x5

Sedge Torus

Teal 3x12

Teal 4x8

Teal 5x5

Teal Half Tile

Teal Ogee Molding

Teal Torus

Tern 3x12

Tern 4x8

Tern 5x5

Tern Ogee Molding

Tern Torus