Plata Carrara Abisso InatallPlata Carrara Abisso Inatall

Plata – Porcelain F/W Tile

The simple beauty of neutral marble tones and silvery grey veining is the essence of this fundamental Plata collection, a faithful reinterpretation of the finest natural surfaces executed in porcelain.

Colors available:  Carrara Abisso, Onyx Crystallo, Perla Grigia & Statuario Brina.


Style: Stone Look

Application: floor, wall, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: IV

Mohs: Pol-6 | Matte-7

Dcof: Pol. <0.42 | Matte >=0.50

V-Rating: V-2

Sizes: 12x24, 24x24, 24x48, 2" Hex, 3x12 Bullnose

Finish: Polished | Matte

Material: Porcelain

Carrara Abisso 12x24

Carrara Abisso 2 Inch Hexagon

Carrara Abisso 24x24

Carrara Abisso 24x48

Carrara Abisso Variation

Onyx Crystallo 12x24

Onyx Crystallo 2 Inch Hexagon

Onyx Crystallo 24x24

Onyx Crystallo 24x48

Onyx Crystallo Variation

Perla Grigia 12x24

Perla Grigia 2 Inch Hexagon

Perla Grigia 24x24

Perla Grigia 24x48

Perla Grigia Variation

Statuario Brina 12x24

Statuario Brina 2 Inch Hexagon

Statuario Brina 24x24

Statuario Brina 24x48

Statuario Brina Variation