12 417 3x9 Beveled Antique Mirror Tile Lifestyle12 417 3x9 Beveled Antique Mirror Tile Lifestyle

Obsidian – Glass Wall Tile

Reflecting the aesthetic of the Roaring 20’s, Obsidian is our contemporary interpretation of Antiqued Glass Wall Tile. Its patinaed luster, executed in either bronze or silver, etched with individual variations and patterns on each tile offer limitless design opportunities. Highly stylized with geometric and symmetrical shapes yet perfectly suited for a modern project. Design, after all, is all about the details so let’s go bold!

Colors available:  Antique Bronze & Antique Silver.


Style: Industrial

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-2

Sizes: 3x9 Beveled, 3x12 Brick, Hexagon Mosaic

Finish: Polished

Material: Glass

Antique Bronze 3x12

Antique Bronze Beveled 3x9

Antique Bronze Beveled Hexagon

Antique Silver 3x12

Antique Silver Beveled 3x9

Antique Silver Beveled Hexagon