Maiolica 7x8 Hexagon White BacksplashMaiolica 7x8 Hexagon White Backsplash

Maiolica Wall – Ceramic Wall Tile

Gradient colors and water reliefs join in polished enamels with a handmade appearance uniting creativity and tradition.  Maiolica is a versatile collection that combines style, subtleness and charm thanks to its great combination possibilities.


Style: Subway, Hexagon

Application: Wall, Interior, Residential

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-2

Sizes: 3x6 Pol., 4x10 Pol. & Matte, 3x12 Crackled, 7x8 Hexagon Pol.

Finish: Polished, Matte, Crackled

Material: Ceramic

Aqua 3x6

Aqua 4x10

Aqua 4x10 Matte

Aqua Crackled 3x12

Aqua Hexagon

Biscuit 3x6

Biscuit 4x10

Biscuit 4x10 Matte

Biscuit Crackled 3x12

Biscuit Hexagon

Blue Steel 3x6

Blue Steel 4x10

Blue Steel 4x10 Matte

Blue Steel Crackled 3x12

Blue Steel Hexagon

Taupe 3x6

Taupe 4x10

Taupe 4x10 Matte

Taupe Crackled 3x12

Taupe Hexagon

Tender Gray 3x6

Tender Gray 4x10

Tender Gray 4x10 Matte

Tender Gray Crackled 3x12

Tender Gray Hexagon

White 3x6

White 4x10

White 4x10 Matte

White Crackled 3x12

White Hexagon