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Industrial look of pavement with a soft, distressed color effect is ideal for creating a minimalist urban design. The monochromatic tones within each color pallet portray unity and harmony with a single color thread. Add subtle interest by incorporating the eclectic deco piece which has a soft encaustic, tone on tone print.


Style: Industrial/Cement

Application: wall, floor, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: 4

Mohs: 7

Dcof: >0.42

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 4x12, 12x24, 2x2 Mosaic, Deco: 12x24

Finish: Matte

Material: Porcelain

Beige 12x24

Beige 2x2 Mosaic

Beige Deco

Black 12x24

Black 2x2 Mosaic

Black Deco

Brown 12x24

Brown 2x2 Mosaic

Brown Deco

Silver 12x24

Silver 2x2 Mosaic

Silver Deco

Smoke 12x24

Smoke 2x2 Mosaic

Smoke Deco