Disk Anthracite Install002Disk Anthracite Install002

Disk – Porcelain F/W Tile

Warm and modern go hand-in-hand with this stamped concrete inspired porcelain floor tile. Disk offers the complete package, beginning with mosaics and ending with larger formats. Think contemporary lofts, unique arts and crafts style homes, and urban shopping districts as just some of the interior styles this series fulfills.

Colors available:  Anthracite, Beige, Brown & Grey.


Style: Industrial

Application: Wall, Floor, Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior

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Pei: 4

Mohs: 7

Dcof: >=0.42

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 12x24, 24x24, 14x16 Hexagon, 2x2 Mosaic

Finish: Matte

Material: Rectified Porcelain

Anthracite 12x24

Anthracite 24x24

Anthracite 2x2 Mosaic

Anthracite Hexagon

Beige 12x24

Beige 24x24

Beige 2x2 Mosaic

Beige Hexagon

Brown 12x24

Brown 24x24

Brown 2x2 Mosaic

Brown Hexagon

Grey 12x24

Grey 24x24

Grey 2x2 Mosaic

Grey Hexagon