Mixed Decor Colors DAnticatto Series Outdoor InstallMixed Decor Colors DAnticatto Series Outdoor Install

D’Anticatto – Porcelain F/W Tile

This series radiates rustic charm, mimicking a worn cement appearance, with interchangeable patterns within the whole range of available colors.

Colors available:  Hexagon – Bianco, Grigio & Notte.  Solid Colors – Bianco & Marrone.  Decor Colors – Arezzo, Florence, Laterza, Obliqua, Palazzo, Savona, Trapani, Triangoli & Varenna.


Style: Encaustic, Rustic

Application: floor, wall, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: 4

Mohs: 9 | Hex-7

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-4

Sizes: 8-3/4x8-3/4, 11x12-3/4 Hex

Finish: Matte

Material: Porcelain


Bianco Panel

Bianco Variation

Decor Arezzo

Decor Arezzo Panel

Decor Arezzo Variation

Decor Florence

Decor Florence Panel

Decor Florence Variation

Decor Laterza

Decor Laterza Panel

Decor Laterza Variation

Decor Obliqua

Decor Obliqua Panel

Decor Obliqua Variation

Decor Palazzo

Decor Palazzo Panel

Decor Palazzo Variation

Decor Savona

Decor Savona Panel

Decor Savona Variation

Decor Trapani

Decor Trapani Panel

Decor Trapani Variation

Decor Triangoli

Decor Triangoli Panel

Decor Triangoli Variation

Decor Varenna

Decor Varenna Panel

Decor Varenna Variation

Hex Bianco

Hex Bianco Panel

Hex Bianco Variation

Hex Grigio

Hex Grigio Variation

Hex Notte

Hex Notte Panel

Hex Notte Variation


Marrone Panel

Marrone Variation