PO310 Petrified Wood White 12X24 InstallPO310 Petrified Wood White 12X24 Install

Close Out – Field Tile

All tiles listed have a minimum of 250 square feet in stock.  Please Contact Us for current inventory levels, tile specifications, samples & ordering.  All sales are final for any Close Out item.


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Broadway Brick Grey | $2.99/SF

Broadway Brick Red | $2.99/SF

COTS4 4x4 Cotswold Mushroom Natural | $0.99/SF

Evolution Sand 6x24 | $2.19/SF

Galaxy Nutmeg 12x12 & 18x18 | $1.99/SF

Galaxy Nutmeg 18x36 | $1.99/SF

Marmi Graphite 12x24 | $0.79/SF

Onyx Iron Natural 12x24 | $2.29/SF

Onyx Iron Polished 12x24 | $2.99/SF

Petrified Wood Brown 12X24 | $1.99/SF

Petrified Wood White 12X24 | $1.99/SF

Pietra Romana Noce 18x36 | $1.99/SF

Pietra Romana Noce 6x36 | $1.99/SF

Rio Beige 12x12 | $0.69/SF

Rondine Eternity Meteor 6x6 | $0.99/SF

Rondine Eternity Pulsar 6x6 | $0.99/SF

Rondine Eternity Venus 6x12 | $0.99/SF

Rondine Eternity Venus 6x6 | $0.99/SF

Sahara Azul 13x25 | $1.99/SF

Sahara Crema 13X25 Deco | $1.99/SF

Tiburtone Grigio 6x6 | $2.95/SF

Tiburtone Rosso 6x6 | $2.95/SF

Tracce Marrone 6.5x20 | $1.59/SF

Tracce Rosso 6.5x20 | $1.59/SF

Traquita Beige 12x12 | $0.99/sf

Tundra Multicolor 6x6 | $1.69/SF

Tundra Olive 6x6 | $1.69/SF

Urban Textures Downtown 2x12 Glass Wall Tile | $4.99/SF