White 3x12 Brickyard installWhite 3x12 Brickyard install

Brickyard – Porcelain F/W Tile

Inspired by a rustic look, this collection features a medium textured, matte finish, making it a great choice for your space. With its impervious, frost-resistant features, it is an ideal selection for both indoor and outdoor residential installations, including kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, showers, hallways and fireplace facades. This tile is a perfect choice on its own or paired with other products in the Brickyard Collection.

Colors available:  Beige, Olive, Red & White.


Style: Rustic

Application: floor, wall, residential, commercial, interior, exterior

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Pei: 3

Mohs: 3

Dcof: .42

V-Rating: V-3 to V-4

Sizes: 8-1/2x9-7/8 Hexagon; 3x12

Finish: Low Sheen

Material: Porcelain

Beige 3x12

Beige 3x12 Panel

Beige Hex

Beige Hex Panel

Olive 3x12

Olive 3x12 Panel Brickyard

Olive Hex

Olive Hex Panel

Red 3x12

Red 3x12 Panel

Red Hex

Red Hex Panel

White 3x12

White 3x12 Panel

White Hex

White Hex Panel