Bliss – Stainless Blend Mosaic

The blending of natural stone with stainless steel and glass offers a juxtaposition of textures which provides visual interest. This striking mosaic unifies spaces with stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

Colors available:  Arctic Night, Deep Grotto, Fossil Rock, Nature Trail, Nordic Storm, Sea Coast, Twilight Mist & Woodland Park.


Style: Industrial, Mosaics

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-4

Sizes: Linear Mosaic

Finish: Matte

Material: Metal, Natural Stone, Glass

Arctic Night

Deep Grotto

Fossil Rock

Nature Trail

Nordic Storm

Sea Coast

Twilight Mist

Woodland Park