Baroque – Ceramic Wall Tile & Mosaic

Bring a sophisticated look to any room with a crackled subway tile in a wide array of colors! The collection offers many complimenting mosaics and trim pieces. Each unique shape along with color variations due to the glazing process are utmost in progressive design.

Colors available:  Blanco, Copper, Capri, Firma, Grigio, Gun Metal, Natural & Sky.


Style: Subway, Mosaic

Application: wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: n/a

Mohs: n/a

Dcof: n/a

V-Rating: V-3

Sizes: 3x6, Sequin Mosaic, Petal Mosaic, Ornate Mosaic, Lantern Mosaic, Floret Mosaic, Adwick Mosaic

Finish: Polished

Material: Ceramic

3x6 Blanco Crackled

3x6 Capri Crackled

3x6 Copper

3x6 Grigio Crackled

3x6 Gun Metal

3x6 Natural

3x6 Sky Crackled

Adwick Blanco

Adwick Capri

Adwick Copper

Adwick Grigio

Adwick Gun Metal

Adwick Natural

Adwick Sky

Floret Blanco

Floret Capri

Floret Copper

Floret Grigio

Floret Gun Metal

Floret Sky

Lantern Blanco

Lantern Capri

Lantern Copper

Lantern Grigio

Lantern Gun Metal

Lantern Sky

Ornate Blanco

Ornate Capri

Ornate Grigio

Ornate Sky

Petals Blanco

Petals Capri

Petals Copper

Petals Grigio

Petals Gun Metal

Petals Sky

Ravello Blanco

Ravello Capri

Ravello Copper

Ravello Grigio

Ravello Gun Metal

Ravello Natural

Ravello Sky

Sequin Blanco

Sequin Capri

Sequin Copper

Sequin Grigio

Sequin Gun Metal

Sequin Sky

Tudor Blanco

Tudor Grigio

Tudor Sky