ellis sunset cemento 8x8 cement handmade floor and wall tile installellis sunset cemento 8x8 cement handmade floor and wall tile install

Cemento – Cement Tile

Capture the beauty of authentic, traditional cement tile offering a partial through-body coloring. Each tile is hand-crafted by taking a one inch cement base, pouring color into a mold, pressing the color with a hydraulic press and then allowing it to cure for a number of days. The result is a completely one of a kind look that may produce natural variations or chips, which are characteristics of true cement tile.  These durable tiles can be used in a variety of interior settings. Be sure to pair these with other tiles in the coordinating Cemento series for a unique look.


Style: Encaustic

Application: floor, wall, residential, commercial, interior

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Pei: 4

Mohs: 2

Dcof: 0.56

V-Rating: V-2 to V-3

Sizes: 8x8x5/8, 8x9x5/8 Hexagon

Finish: Low Sheen

Material: Cement

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