Product Guides


Product Warranty information

In order for you to properly protect your investment, we highly recomment downloading and submitting the most recent Zumpano warranty information & details to guarantee your product is covered for a variety of reasons.  We also have insurance available at an additional cost.  Ask your sales rep for additional info about protecting your new floors.  

Maintenance & Caring


Usage & Care

Make sure you get the best life from your new tiles by taking care of them.  This usage and care guide provides you with directions on cleaning and caring for your new floors.  Since not all tiles are alike, different cleaners may be required for different types of flooring.  Don’t damage your new tiles by using the wrong types of cleaners.  We recommend reading this guide before cleaning your new floors, and always follow said instructions to ensure your new floors last.  

Tile Details & Specifics


All about your new tiles and flooring.  Get information about your new floors and everything you need to know about the materials and companies who make your new floors.  

     Builder’s Manual 

Installation Guide 

Read this information before you begin installing your new flooring.  We recommend downloading the most current information we have for making sure you are properly installing your new tiles.